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FOCUS 2 APPLY matches a prospective student's interests to your college's majors and programs.
Strengthens the connection between the applicant and your college and ensures a good fit.

Enhances Recruitment of Prospective Students

  • Attracts and identifies prospective students with interests compatible to your college's major areas of study.
  • Encourages students to apply to your college.
  • Helps students envision themselves at your college.
  • Generates leads & collects information about prospective students.
  • Target your communication with prospective students based on their interests and top choice of a major.
  • Prepares entering students for a timely choice of a major areas of study and academic success.
  • Ensures that the fit is right on both sides. Research shows that students who choose majors compatible with their interests are more likely to succeed in college.
  • Can be used on any device.
  • Results can be used to enhance student interviews.
  • Takes 15 minutes to complete.

Make FOCUS 2 APPLY Available

To anyone who visits your website
To prospective and accepted students
Open house events
At local high schools
At college fairs
On campus visit days
Accepted students days

Powerful reporting and data collection

Dynamic administrative website with detailed user results, powerful aggregate usage reports, multiple administrators, and customizing options.

Aids student selection with powerful demographics and individual student results.

Real time results can be used to gauge students’ interest in your college.